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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Subscriptions go?

I'm mixing things up and making more space for creativity!

What services does SWC offer now?

Swag: More space for creativity! The whimsical side of SWC come to life with stickers, home goods, swag, stationary and more!

Social Media Graphics: Content for small businesses to engage and interact with customers, ready for purchase.

Creative Services: Custom design work such as digital fliers, invitations, one-pagers, wedding favor tags and garment hang tags!

Consulting Services: To stay true to my passion for helping small businesses, I have added a suite of consulting services such as Social Media account creation & setup, Search Engine Optimization, User Experience Testing and Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Management: From developing strategies to increase followers, to overseeing social campaigns, and back again! Account setup and auditing is only the beginning. Marketing starts with producing content and overseeing social campaigns. But, when mixed with cultivating and curating your brand within its own community, you've got Social Media Management.

Can I still access the subscription content I purchased?

Absolutely! Just send a quick email to me and I'll get you all taken care of! Nothing fancy... just "Hi, can I have my stuff please?"

I have detailed records of ALL orders, subscriptions and memberships. Just ask. :)

I need help with...

Whatever you need help with, I will do my very best to get it fixed!

I am a one-woman show, so when you send an email you will get a reply from ME, not an automated response.

If you run in to ANY order, subscription or membership issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to me:

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About Sweetwater Creative

Hi, my name is Melissa (she/her). I am a West Coast transplant living in a Southern world, with my two tiny humans… who aren’t so tiny anymore… my two dogs and my two cats. 

Sweetwater Creative is my one-woman show, based in Raeford, North Carolina. I am an experienced social media specialist with a knack for copy and a passion for creating engaging and interactive content. With eight years’ expertise in Social Media Marketing, I specialize in developing marketing strategies that drive brand awareness and foster meaningful connections. I find cultivating and curating a brand within its own community to be a beautiful art.

To discuss your next project or get your new business' social media underway, I am best reached by email at or by visiting my Contact page.